Subject: Re: Avro 1.10.0 release / branch cut

A quick update, the 1.10.0 branch was cut today.

There are only two pending issues and both are related to the release so we are
in good shape to go:

I took the liberty and unassigned the Fix version from the following issues that
have been moving up as pending for more than 5 years now. If they have not been
fixed/merged for 5 years probably they won't be immediately urgent.

AVRO-1875 ability encode/decode byte arrays in Base64
AVRO-1646 null namespace within non-null is not print/parse consistent
with deeply nested records
AVRO-1543 libboost_zlib library is not detected but is required
AVRO-1521 Inconsistent behavior of Perl API with 'boolean' type
AVRO-1514 Clean up perl API dependencies
AVRO-1467 Schema resolution does not check record names
AVRO-1443 SpecificRecord builders should share more functionality with
GenericRecord builders
AVRO-1435 Convert avro-tools jar to be a bundle.
AVRO-1343 Python: validate too permissive on records with extra fields
AVRO-1284 Python: validation should be a method of Schema objects
AVRO-1265 Python: schema objects should support builder()
default-filling behavior
AVRO-1235 Avro does not handle corrupt records

I am going to let one week before doing the first RC so please help us test the
release branch to find regressions or issues and report them. Also don't
hesitate to ping me if there is any issue I should pay attention to.

The list of new features is this one in case you feel inclined to validate

Ismaël Mejía

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