Subject: Re: C# POCO serializer/deserializer

Hi Brian,

I got the schema from C# source code generator working, at least well enough for us. Not sure it is ready for general use but if you’re interested I can send the code. What is the usual practice for things under development - should I create a PR even if the code is some way off from being mergeable or just a branch of my repo?

Our use case is that the developers write C# DTO classes and don’t need to worry much about the schema. We build a protocol from the classes and then schemas for each top level object from the protocol.

Also, I think we (Pitney Bowes) need to get something going about a JSON encoder. Shifting to Avro is a bit of a stretch for some of our developers since they can’t easily see the message contents without additional decoding tools. Are you ok with basing it on It should be pretty fast to get something working.