Subject: Avro 1.10.0 release / branch cut

Hello everyone,

As discussed previously [1] we intend to do the Avro 1.10.0 release on
May so I wanted to propose to cut the branch the next May 15th. The
idea is that in the following weeks we work hard on reviews and issue
triage and maybe the latest dependency updates. Once the branch is cut
we let then some days to stabilize the release branch (hopefully 1-2
weeks) and then go with the vote.

If you have issues you want to mark as critical to be part of the
release (e.g. security related or data corruption) mark them with the
Fix Version: 1.10.0 field in JIRA and more important if you have
issues that you think won’t be able to make it in time please
unmark/untag them or mark them as version 1.11.0

This is the list of open issues for the release, so please go ahead
and help us finish/triage them.

Thanks, and good triage, don’t hesitate to email me or ping me in your
PRs./tickets to bring my attention on critical things for the release.