Hi, Piotr,

Thanks for posting this for discussion.

In my work projects we use Python 3.6, 3.7, and (cough) 2.7. So it won’t
hurt me directly if Avro doesn’t support Python 3.4 anymore. However,
avro-py3 is a library, so wide version support is appropriate in my opinion.

Python still supports 3.4. There will be one more supported release next
March if it all goes according to the release schedule in PEP 429.

As you previously pointed out, 13% of pypi downloads in one recent month
indicated 3.4. But I don’t think that’s a small number. I think that’s a
worthwhile-sized minority.

I would love to use fstrings. Even moreso I want to use native type hints,
and then get mypy running on yetus. But I genuinely think supporting 3.4 as
long as Python does is the right thing to do for now.

That said, I think we should also plan to deprecate it soon. We can drop
deprecation warnings in the code now and plan to obsolete it completely in

That’s my opinion. If Apache/avro has an official version compatibility
support policy, someone please clue us in!


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