On Oct 19, 2012, at 1:03pm, Koert Kuipers wrote:

> i noticed avro version 1.5.4 is included with some version/distros of hadoop and hive... is there a reason why 1.5.4 is included specifically and not newer ones? are there some incompatibilities to be aware of? i would like to use a newer version

In the mail archives there was a discussion back in July about using Avro 1.7 with CHD4. where Jacob Metcalf said:

> Avro 17 is compiled against Hadoop 1 i.e. CDH3.
> I have it running aginst CDH4 but I had to patch and recompile Avro, then replace the Avro 153 in the Hadoop lib directory with 17. I have attached my patch against JIRA AVRO-1103 for consideration.

It sounds like if you're using CDH3/Hadoop 1.0 then you should be able to use Avro 1.7 as-is, but I haven't tried this myself.

-- Ken

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