In comments to it was suggested
that we hold a vote to discuss which versions of Python 3 we consider
officially supported. I assume we follow the Apache Voting Process for code

Scott Belden used the pypi API to get the following data:


It seems clear that there's still a fair 3.4 user base out there, although
it's shrinking. So...

- For the package at
- For Avro versions < 2.0, at least
- As long as PYPI is counting python 3.4 downloads at > 1000/month

I move that we consider Python 3.4 and up to the latest release of Python 3
(currently 3.7) officially supported. If I don't hear any objections by
Saturday, I'll set the trove classifiers to specify those versions in

-Michael A. Smith (kojiro/kojiromike)

PS: please kindly let me know if I'm not following some proper procedure.