I would like to remind: we are an Apache project, not an isolated one.
As an Apache member, it's really important to me.

1. The code of conduct is the one from Apache.

2. If it's not happen on the mailing list, it doesn't exist. That's the Apache
rule. We already discussed about that in the past: having wiki or Google doc is
not a problem as soon as a summary is sent on the mailing list.

I don't see why and where Beam could be different from the other Apache projects
for the first three points.

A valid point is about contribution policies around CI and review. I disagree
about publishing the criteria to earn committership, and even more for PMC. As
already said, a contribution can have many forms, so, criteria in term of number
can be inaccurate.

As these subjects can be sensible, I would also prefer to discuss on the private
mailing list first (to get agreement between the PMC members) before publishing
publicly on the dev mailing list.

My $0.01


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