Thanks all for your reply. I will try each of them and see how it goes.

The experiment I am working now is similar to,
which tries to get early results from GroupByKey with windowing. I have
some code like:

Reading | beam.WindowInto(beam.window.GlobalWindows(),

| MapWithAKey

| GroupByKey

| RemoveKey

| OtherTransforms
I don't see the window and trigger working, GroupByKey still waits for all
elements. I also tried adding a timestamp for each element and using a
fixed size window. Seems no impact.
Anyone knows how to get the early results from GroupByKey for a bounded
Thanks again.


*From: *Chamikara Jayalath <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
*Date: *Wed, May 15, 2019 at 1:35 PM
*Cc: *dev

Probably include "--experiment=use_fastavro" (along with Robert's