For the past week, two independent people have asked me if I can help with
guava NoSuchMethodError in BigtableIO. It turns out we still have a
potential problem with dependencies that don't vendor guava, in this case,
it was bigtable-client-core that depends on guava-26.0. However, the root
cause of the classpath problem was in the usage of a deprecated method from
non-vendored guava in BigtableServiceClientImpl in the code path where we
integrate with bigtable client.

I created apache/beam#7957 <> [1]
to fix that. There few other IO-s where we use non-vendored guava that we
can fix using adapters.

And there is an unknown number of conflicts between guava versions in our
dependencies that don't vendor it, that as I understand it, could be fixed
by relocating them, in a similar way we do for Calcite [2].



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