One use case would be when dealing with the windowing functions for example:

SELECT f_int, COUNT(*) , TUMBLE_START(f_timestamp, INTERVAL '1' HOUR)
    TUMBLE(f_timestamp, INTERVAL '1' HOUR)

For an element which is using Metadata to inform the EvenTime of the
element, rather than data within the element itself, I would need to create
a new schema which added the timestamp as a field. I think other examples
which maybe interesting is getting the value of a row with the max/min
timestamp. None of this would be difficult but it does feel a little on the
verbose side and also makes the pipeline a little harder to read.


*From: *Kenneth Knowles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
*Date: *Wed, 15 May 2019 at 01:15
*To: *dev

We have support for nested rows so this should be easy. The .withMetadata
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