Great idea to have a release before ApacheCon, we should make some noise ;)

I’d say let’s have a RM for 1.3.0 first, and then we can go over the plan.
Being RM is also a great way to know how Apache and Bigtop do release
stuffs. I encourage committers to take the role.
Since I've experience doing Bigtop release before, I can help the RM for
any questions.
OTOH, I’d like to have a discussion for Hadoop 3.
Some of the contributors have made patches in a separated branch for Hadoop
3, but we are far from a release yet. Does ODPi or anyone else have
thoughts on this topic? Things like the demand, the technical difficaulty,
the schedule whoever cares


2018-05-19 8:10 GMT+08:00 Roman Shaposhnik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: