*Spark.* Alter the table, add a column. Run a spark job to scan your table,
and set a value.

* val myKeyspace = "pinch" val myTable = "hitter"*

*def updateColumns(row: CassandraRow): CassandraRow = { *
*  val inputMap = row.toMap val newData = Map( "newColumn" -> "somevalue"
) *
*  var outputMap = inputMap ++ newData CassandraRow.fromMap(outputMap) *

*val result = sc.cassandraTable(myKeyspace, myTable) .map(updateColumns(_))
.saveToCassandra(myKeyspace, myTable)*

Miraculously the same code could be used to move / copy data from one table
to another ... with a modification as long as you save to a different table
than from where you got it from.
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