Hi WeiWei,

Issue 1: hadoop-log4j.properties is a log4j configuration file for Hadoop
to enable streaming of Hadoop log files to Chukwa.  To be more specific,
the appenders are converted to use SocketAppender instead of
FileRollingAppender to stream Hadoop logs directly to Chukwa.  However,
please make sure that the copy of hadoop-log4j.properties can apply to your
version of Hadoop.
Chukwa is released as source only, do you compile Chukwa?  The jar files
only exists in binary tarball.  You may need to run "mvn clean package"
from Chukwa source to obtain binary tarball, then the jar files would be
inside the binary tarball.

It looks like Question 1 will be answered when you have compiled chukwa.


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