Subject: Breaking changes in cordova-create


I proposed quite a few breaking changes to cordova-create some time ago.
Unfortunately I have received very little feedback up until now. I would
appreciate to hear what you think of my plans.

Since I would like to get started on landing the changes I already have for
most of my proposals, I suggest the following: take a look at each proposal
that interests you and just drop a "Veto" if you don't like something about
it. Then, when you have time, we can discuss on how to improve the
proposal. This way I immediately get a better picture about which changes
are controversial and which ones I can start preparing PRs for. You're
welcome to give positive feedback too, of course :)

Here are the links for my proposals:

   - Simplify interface of main export
   - New logic for setting attributes in package.json & config.xml
   - Fix event delegation
   - Do not copy "missing" files from default template
   - Reduce supported template layouts
   - Drop support for linking
   - [Closed] Original All-in-One issue

I'm looking forward to your feedback.