Hey Stephen,

Looked at this more closely, and I think the need for a unique JobID per
output of a job still exists in order for the various output committers to
work properly (and actually commit the data for each output.) It seems like
you could disable the ID change in the situation that there was only a
single output for the job (or if you would feel more comfortable with me
taking a pass at it, let me know and I'll try to get it done this weekend),
but that would mean that the HCat output stuff would only work when it was
the only output for a given MR job in Crunch. Would that work for your use

The other option would be to roll your own HCat output format, but I don't
know how much desire you have for that; which version of HCat are you
running against? I got this to work against 0.4.0 of course, but that was a
long time ago.


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