I can look up the exact methods in the morning, but in short, the DoFn does have a way to grab the TaskContext object when running using MapReduce.  From there you can get the split.

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Hi, is it possible to tie each record from DoFn's process method's to the single input split from CombinedFileSplit? I basically want to get some info from the input HDFS directory of the input split (/data/20161109/11) and use it to enhance a each record that is being read by process method. I was able to hack the access issue of CrunchInputSplit by using reflection but then I am not sure how to tie each input record to one input split since my job reads multiple files from different directories that have date/hour information that I need.
 public void process(GenericData.Record eventRecord, Emitter<Pair<String, GenericData.Record>> pairEmitter) {
    if(getContext() instanceof MapContext) {
                InputSplit inputSplit = ((MapContext) getContext()).getInputSplit();
                Class<? extends InputSplit> splitClass = inputSplit.getClass();

                try {
                    Method getInputSplitMethod = splitClass
                    CombineFileSplit fileSplit = (CombineFileSplit) getInputSplitMethod.invoke(inputSplit);

                    System.out.println("number of input files: " + fileSplit.getPaths().length);
                    int index = 0;
                    for(Path p: fileSplit.getPaths()) {
                        System.out.println("split length: " + fileSplit.getLength(index) + " partition: "
                                + getPartitionDt(fileSplit.getPath(index)));
                        index ++;
                } catch (Exception e) {
                    System.out.println("we have a problem");

...now I want to output a pair of of Partition info YYYYMMDDHH and some modified avro record. Any idea how I can get the directory information of the inputsplit that is being processed by each call of the process method?
emit(Pair.of(partition, some_avro_record)));

I know that I could disable the combined input file format but I don't want to do that

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