Hi All,
It's around two and a half month since we did 1.15.0 release for Apache
Drill. Based on our 3 months release cadence I think it's time to discuss
our next release. I will volunteer to manage the next release.

**Below is the current JIRA stats:*
*[1] Open#: 15*

   - Would be great if everyone can look into their assigned tickets and
   update the fix version as needed. Please keep the ones which you find must
   have and can be completed sooner.

*[2] InProgress#: 11*

   - If you think we *must* include any issues from this list then please
   reply on this thread. Also would be great to know how much time you think
   is needed for these issues. Based on that we can take a call which one to
   target for this release.

*[3] Reviewable#: 14*

   - All the reviewers and authors should try to close these as soon as
   possible. If you think that any of the PR needs rework or should be
   postponed to next release then please update the status and fix version for
   those JIRA's as well.

After above JIRA's are reviewed by everyone and based on their inputs we
can define a cut off date.

*Approximate numbers as it can change based on JIRA updates.