Hi all,

A physical plan attached ... all memory appears to be 0.0 which seems odd?


On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 10:37 PM, Francis McGregor-Macdonald <
00-01      ComplexToJson : rowType = RecordType(INTEGER Number of Records, ANY dat_fact, ANY dat_market, ANY dat_period, ANY dat_product, ANY dat_value, ANY dataset, ANY mar_ccy, ANY mar_country, ANY mar_long_desc, ANY mar_sequence, ANY mar_short_desc, ANY mar_tag, ANY per_date, ANY per_list, ANY per_long_desc, ANY per_sequence, ANY per_short_desc, ANY per_tag, ANY pro_aroma/fragancia/sabor, ANY pro_atributo, ANY pro_barcode, ANY pro_categoria, ANY pro_category, ANY pro_char08, ANY pro_char10, ANY pro_char16, ANY pro_char17, ANY pro_color, ANY pro_consistencia, ANY pro_empaque/envase, ANY pro_empaque, ANY pro_envasado/granel, ANY pro_envase, ANY pro_fabricante, ANY pro_formato, ANY pro_gasificacion, ANY pro_item, ANY pro_level, ANY pro_long_desc, ANY pro_marca, ANY pro_marcas, ANY pro_natural/sabor, ANY pro_rangos, ANY pro_reg/diet, ANY pro_regular/light, ANY pro_regular_/_light_-_diet, ANY pro_sabor, ANY pro_sal, ANY pro_segmento, ANY pro_segmento_1, ANY pro_segmentos, ANY pro_sequence, ANY pro_short_desc, ANY pro_submarca, ANY pro_submarcas, ANY pro_tag, ANY pro_tamano, ANY pro_tipo, ANY pro_tipo_ii, ANY pro_total_fam_e_ind, ANY pro_variedad, ANY pro_variedad_2, ANY publisher, ANY version): rowcount = 3.88031625E8, cumulative cost = {1.5521265E9 rows, 5.43244275E9 cpu, 0.0 io, 1.0330953984E14 network, 0.0 memory}, id = 3008
00-02        Project(Number of Records=[$0], dat_fact=[$1], dat_market=[$2], dat_period=[$3], dat_product=[$4], dat_value=[$5], dataset=[$6], mar_ccy=[$7], mar_country=[$8], mar_long_desc=[$9], mar_sequence=[$10], mar_short_desc=[$11], mar_tag=[$12], per_date=[$13], per_list=[$14], per_long_desc=[$15], per_sequence=[$16], per_short_desc=[$17], per_tag=[$18], pro_aroma/fragancia/sabor=[$19], pro_atributo=[$20], pro_barcode=[$21], pro_categoria=[$22], pro_category=[$23], pro_char08=[$24], pro_char10=[$25], pro_char16=[$26], pro_char17=[$27], pro_color=[$28], pro_consistencia=[$29], pro_empaque/envase=[