I am getting error when I creating the CSV files
The part of the query throwing error is as below, the input data comes in
unix time format
 CAST(FROM_UNIXTIME(t.`timestamp`/1000) AS TIMESTAMP) AS `datetime`
Apache Drill
org.apache.drill.common.exceptions.UserRemoteException: SYSTEM ERROR:
IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format: "2018-06-24T12:00:00.000-05:00"
is malformed at "T12:00:00.000-05:00" Fragment 1:0 [Error Id:
e43e9948-bc80-4485-b436-62bc57b1327f on usazprdmapr-dn2.am.jllnet.com:31010]
whereas with the same query when I create parquet files , I am able to read
and no error being thrown :

 CAST(FROM_UNIXTIME(t.`timestamp`/1000) AS TIMESTAMP) AS `datetime`

I can view the results too :

Appreciate the help !