Could you share the query details and/or the profile of the query you are running? There wasn't anything specific in the UI that changed.

Another way for us to understand why the web-console is unresponsive would be to collect a JStack of the Drillbit every 15-20 seconds. With about 3-4 such samples, we should be able to narrow down which thread in the Drillbit is running so slow. 

For now, please try with the other tools and see if you are able to monitor still. 

On 7/17/2018 10:34:42 PM, Surneni Tilak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thanks For your response Kunal.

I tried in both the way but the outcome is same the window where I submitted the query is loading and other one is getting stuck. But the same query is working well with 1.12 version in which I could monitor the query status and submit another query.
I am submitting my query and trying to observe it's progress using the web-console of same drillbit as in our cluster we have only one web-console that we can access. Thanks for your suggestion regarding the other tools which is one option that I could try.

Please let me know your response.

Best regards,
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You could try the reverse. Monitor in the initial window, while submitting the query in another window.

That said, the reason your console is getting stuck is by design. The browser tab from which you submit the query is the window where you'll receive the results of the query. Hence, the window is "stuck" as it is waiting for results to come back.

With regards to why you are not able to monitor the current query status is because you might be having a fairly large result-set that the server is formatting for the web-console, resulting in the WebServer threads being saturated. A simpler workaround is to monitor the system through a second Drillbit's web-console. If the first Drillbit (from which you launched the query) is very busy, you'll see the status updates not coming in as frequently.

As a thumb rule, use the WebConsole for quick exploration (i.e. experimental queries with LIMIT to just glance at the data). Otherwise, there are a number of good JDBC based tools like SQuirrel and DBeaver (the latter also downloads the drivers automatically), that you can use. 
On 7/17/2018 3:40:06 AM, Surneni Tilak wrote:

Hi Team,

I am using Drill 1.13.0 version. I am facing below issues which were not there in 1.12.0
1. When I am submitting query I am not able to open Drill web-console in another window to monitor the currently running query status.

2. Not able to submit another query once a query is under running status as the console is getting stuck in running the first query.

Please guide me how I could come out of these issues as I would like to use the latest version of Drill.

Best regards,