Hello All,

I want to write an elasticsearch query in C# which can search multiple words in multiple fields.
For example.
Query: John California Honda
Fields: Name, State, Car
This query should search the term John in all three fields and so on for the other terms present in the query.
Note: the sequence can differ and the number of terms in the query can be more or less.

    var geoResult = client.Search<cars>(s => s
                .Query(q => q.Bool(b => b
                   .Must(mu => mu
                               .MultiMatch(m => m
                                       .Fields(f => f.Field("Name").Field("State").Field("Car"))
                                  ) && q
                                .MultiMatch(m => m
                            .Fields(f => f.Field("Name").Field("State").Field("Car"))

Above is my code, How can I modify this query that it should match according to the number of terms in the user input.