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[quote="sgunnala, post:1, topic:96860"]
We create the first indices 30 shards with logstash*-000001

Did you create this manually with curl? The Console in Kibana? Some other way?  The answer matters a great deal.

[quote="sgunnala, post:1, topic:96860"]
We are getting indices created with rollover but with 10:1 shards:replicas.

It's almost certain you have an index template that sets the default number of shards, and that is being applied.  Rollover does _not_ pass on shard count by inheritance.

If you want to force the next index to have a certain number of shards/replicas via Curator, you can do so using the [`extra_settings`]( option.

I would fix the index template, however, to ensure the mappings and everything else are what they should be.

All of this raises the question, though, why do you need 30 shards per index?  How many data nodes do you have? How many events per second are you trying to index?