Hi Tim,

working with the `DC=Root` for some reason will not authenticate any of the children DCs. The error I recieve is that the user is not found in the ldap cache.
I read by default sub_tree searches are performed. So I assumed that it should be fine. On another application I setup ldap using user filters and group filters. Though these filters I applied using:
`(&(bjectClass=group(|(distingiushedName=CN=GROUPNAME1,OU=Universal Groups, OU=Accounts, DC=Root,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM)(distingiushedName=CN=GROUPNAME2,OU=Universal Groups, OU=Accounts, DC=Root,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM)`
When I provided the same thing user_search.filters I would get complaints at authentication that ldap would find multiple results.

Another thing is with this other application I was able to set a paging limit, this helped with searching. I don't know if elastic offers the same configuration.