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every single AWS resource is managed from CloudFormation

In my experience the start of a new stateful service is always a bit "special", no matter what service it is or how it's managed. After setting up a service for the first time there's normally some other one-time initialisation needed (e.g. creating templates, restoring from snapshots), which is quite different from the normal day-to-day maintenance of a running service.

For the record, I'd also very much like for Elasticsearch to integrate even more tightly with EC2 auto-scaling groups, but as far as we can tell the means to do so correctly currently doesn't exist. Autoscaling works with data nodes, of course, and also works with master-eligible nodes once bootstrapped, but there doesn't seem to be a truly satisfactory solution for bootstrapping right now.

We surveyed a number of other strongly-consistent stateful services during development (e.g. Zookeeper, etcd, Consul) and found these to be in pretty much the same boat. I'm open to ideas.