Hi All,
 In ES 2.x, on creation of a snapshot, the directories created in the repository under the 'indices' directory contained the indices names as it is.  Given a snapshot name, it was very easy to get all the files (meta-, snap- and indices) for that snapshot and create a single bundled tar file which can be transferred to an offsite location to copy data. Thus we were able to copy data from one cluster to another unconnected cluster.

  But, on upgrading to ES 6.1.2, the directory structure created per snapshot under the repository has changed. Although the meta- and snap- files use the UUID of the snapshot, the files under the indices directory seem to be using a temporary UUID which is NOT exposed in any existing APIs.

Is there anyway to map the files under indices directory to its corresponding snapshot? or any API which exposes the UUIDs/IDs used for these indices in the snapshot?