So I'm using AWS Elasticsearch (which is currently at version 6.0.1).  I use filebeat (6.1.0) to send logs to logstash (6.2.0), which uses the output plugin to write to an IAM protected ES cluster.

When I have no index template, documents get written to ES fine, but I get all those silly ".keyword" fields.  So I found the docs on manually setting an index template (

I get the index template filebeat exports using:
`    filebeat export template --es.version=6.0.1 > filebeat-6.1.0.template.json`

(Here's a gist with that template.json

And I PUT that index template to ES.  After that, I delete the filebeat-* indexes so they get recreated with the new template.  The new index gets created, but even though I turned on debug logging and see logstash flushing data to ES, the index just sits there with 0 documents

    GET /_cat/indices?v
    health status index                       uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
    yellow open   filebeat-6.1.0-2018.02.14   Zz8Jkf1XTyKxor-mL9fT-A   3   1          0            0       699b           699b

If I delete the index template, the logs start flowing to the index again
`    yellow open   filebeat-6.1.0-2018.02.14   3aR0_cDHQIeYU6UR0CC0ww   5   1       6919            0      3.5mb          3.5mb`

Any idea what's happening here?  I'm testing this on a single node ES cluster while I take ELK for a spin.