Has anyone else gone through the fun of bringing up a new cluster in AWS now that we have this new "bootstrapping" stuff in 7.0?

The problem I seem to have is that the cluster wants me to specify the master nodes to bootstrap up the cluster.  The issue is, I am bringing up these nodes under an AWS autoscaling group and I really don't know what they are until they are up.

I would have thought that the "discovery.seed_providers: ec2" would have taken care of this for me, but alas... No... it's still wanted to see "cluster.initial_master_nodes" and a list of who can be the first master.

Anyway... just curious if anyone else has already gone through this and can shed some light on how to do this.  I guess I could do some user-data magic and build a list of my master nodes and stick them in the elastic config... but that seems like a lot of work... and really a bit hacky...