Subject: K8s and flink1.7.1

There are we issues with 1.7.1 "job as a cluster" set up that I need
guidance on

1. In HA set up, the TMs are not able to resolve the job manager's random
port through the jobmanager.rpc.port
setting.  The setting does work in  the  non HA mode ( The containerPort
/TCP with the same port facilitates that ), but then we loose the  job if
the JM was to reboot. This is a high priority for us and I am sure there is
a work around but I rather ask the experts.

2. The metrics on JM are not visible possibly due to . It is an open issue and
both a service per TM and stateful set approach appear non production ready
(not scalable and kludgey ). Do you have a time line when these will be