the flink-connector-filesystem contains the BucketingSink which is a
connector with which you can write your data to a file system. It provides
exactly once processing guarantees and allows to write data to different
buckets [1].

The flink-filesystem module contains different file system implementations
(like mapr fs, hdfs or s3). If you want to use, for example, s3 file
system, then there is the flink-s3-fs-hadoop and flink-s3-fs-presto module.

So if you want to write your data to s3 using the BucketingSink, then you
have to add flink-connector-filesystem for the BucketingSink as well as a
s3 file system implementations (e.g. flink-s3-fs-hadoop or

Usually, there should be no need to change Flink's filesystem
implementations. If you want to add a new connector, then this would go to
flink-connectors or to Apache Bahir [2].




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