Subject: About KafkaConsumer and WM'ing and EventTime charactersitics

Thank you. This though is a little different.

The producer of the kafka message attaches a time stamp  I do not see how I can
get to that timestamp through a any stream abstraction over
FlinkKafkaConsumer  API even though it is available here
being used here

All I want to do is this

* Pull from kafka topic . This topic is been written too with a time stamp
on each kafka record.
* Write to hdfs using StreamingSink BUT make buckets that * honor ingestion
time's  water mark. *

Questions is,

*If  we have TimeCharacteristic as IngestionTime,  does the context's
watermark  in   getBucketId(KafkaRecord element, Context context)
in BucketAssigner.html
 reflect the kafka record time stamp in
given this "*automatic timestamp assignment and automatic watermark
generation." is done if  *TimeCharacteristic is **IngestionTime*  (* here

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