I'm using an external library with Flink I'm trying to implement
slotSharingGroup(String) method on it.
To do it I looked at SingleOutputStreamOperator Flink's class to see how the
method slotSharingGroup(String) is implemented.

An abstract:

/public class SingleOutputStreamOperator<T> extends DataStream<T> {

SingleOutputStreamOperator(StreamExecutionEnvironment environment,
StreamTransformation<T> transformation) {
super(environment, transformation);

SingleOutputStreamOperator<T> slotSharingGroup(String slotSharingGroup) {
return this;

so I changed the constructor of external library class which has to offer
the slotSharingGroup() method making it more adherent to
SingleOutputStreamOperator template.

Now my problem is how to call it (see below) because I don't understand what
is StreamTransformation<T> object among the parameters of the constructor of
SingleOutputStreamOperator and how to obtain it in main class.

Following the method I call:

/DataStream<Tuple7<String, String, Date, String, String, Double, Double>>
LCxAccResult = HTM.learn(env, */* what STREAMTRANSFORMATION<T> here?

Hope you can help me, thanks in advance

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