Subject: Re: Deletion of topic from a pattern in KafkaConsumer if auto-create is true will always recreate the topic

  Vishal Santoshi 2019-06-14, 17:20
  Vishal Santoshi 2019-06-14, 17:42

it seems that if

*  I have a regex pattern for consuming a bunch of topics
* auto create is turned on

then even if I do this

* suspend the pipe with SP
* delete the topic
* start the pipe

It will recreate the topic, b'coz the state has it and the check is against
the pattern rather then against the cluster case  auto
create is turned off it will throw an exception ( I think )
The question thus is, as to how can we safely delete a topic from our kafka
cluster without either a recreation ( auto create on ) or exception ( auto
create off ) when restarting from a SP, where the restore  state had that

Thanks much,

  Vishal Santoshi 2019-06-13, 20:31
  Fabian Hueske 2019-06-14, 07:24