What I was trying to say is that the ScribeSource should not be responsible
for restarting itself (just from my understanding of your idea; it breaks
the existing paradigm as components should not have to control their own
lifecycle). Going from Brock's link, I feel the most dynamic solution would
be possible to just add in a lifecyle state RESTART and place it in that
switch statement; when that state is reached, it tries to stop then restart
the component and then sets the desired state to START (or STOP if it
couldn't start it again, or set error=true if it couldn't stop it).

And in a way to prevent overriding getLifecycleState to return RESTART,
there could either be an inherited function from AbstractSource to call for
a restart, there could maybe be an option to set it to RESTART on crash, or
something else.

I'll admit though that I know little about the lifecycle system, so I have
no idea if this idea is any better.

- Connor
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