Hi Helmut,
I see that I neglected to follow up on the other thread on this topic after
your reply about SolrServer missing from the solrj jar. Let me ask around
w/ some folks I know that work on Solr and see if there is any way to
retain the SolrServer for our tests after upgrading to the new version.

Thank you very much for working on upgrading Solr. Would you mind
submitting a pull request with your (apparently work-in-progress) patch to
upgrade both Solr and ES?

To reply to your email in this thread, the JAR packaging situation is
largely the same after merging FLUME-2957 so unfortunately most of what I
noted in my reply in the other thread ( https://s.apache.org/GqcX ) still

I hope that we can upgrade the Solr dependencies as part of the same commit
as the ES dependencies to avoid worrying about which lucene jar is first in
the classpath, and ensure we are not adding any additional dependency
conflicts to mvn dependency:tree.


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