Hi Flume Community,

I have squashed the previously mentioned commits on my fork, I'd be happy
if you could have a look on it:

I have compared the source files with the current trunk (commit: ffc5554),
found no difference.
I also compiled trunk and my branch and compared the class files, the only
difference was the
auto-generated ./flume-ng-core/target/classes/org/apache/flume/package-info.class
file, which contains the branch name, commit hash, etc.

This is the new commit
was created by squashing the following commits:

fbc7a68 Merge branch 'trunk' into flume-2050
6813d9c Upgrade to Log4j 2.10.0
e4fd6ab Remove more references to log4j 1
6b6605c Update configuration to match log4j 1.x
4bb5e88 FLUME-2050 - modify pattern layout so NDC is ignored if it has no
4a07fbf FLUME-2050 remove spurious files
140ea5d FLUME-2050 Upgrade to Log4j 2

If there are no objections I'll force push this to the trunk.
(Note: it might mess up the git-wip-us.apache.org -> github repo mirroring,
if that happens I'll get in touch with Apache Infra to sort it out)

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 12:00 AM Mike Percy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: