Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Spring Session Data Geode 2.0.0.M2 Available...

Greetings Apache Geode Community-

I am pleased to announce 1 more release related to Apache Geode, *Spring
Session* for Apache Geode 2.0.0.M2 (milestone 2) is now available.

This release brings with some updates and improvements...

1. *Upgrades* to...

    -- *Spring Framework* 5
    -- *Spring Data* Kay-RELEASE
    -- *Spring Session* 2.0.0.M4
    -- *Spring Boot* 2.0.0.M4

2. Adds support for *PDX Serialization* [1], and...

3. Introduces a *new Serialization framework* [2] and (SessionSerializer)
interface allowing users to customize how an (HTTP) Session gets serialized
and persisted to Apache Geode.

See the official announcement [3] for more details.

#2 is the biggest change and 1 that users kept asking me for.  Now, PDX is
finally supported; yay!

The main benefit of using PDX is, you no longer need *Spring Session Data
Geode* or any of its transitive dependencies on the classpath of the
servers in your cluster.  In fact, you do not even need to put your
application domain objects stored in the Session and sent to Apache Geode
on the classpath of the servers, either.  You only need *Spring Session
Data Geode* on the classpath of your *Spring Boot*, *Spring Session*
enabled applications.

More details can be found in the *Spring Session Data Geode* *Reference
Guide*, starting here [4].

As always, any feedback is highly appreciated and welcomed.

Happy coding!