Subject: Executing function on partitioned region

Well, it depends on whether the data of interests is on the node where the
Developer REST API is running in the first place, since the Dev REST API
can only run on a Geode Server.  If the data of interests is on the server
where the REST API is running, then no extra hop would be needed in that

Most likely, there will be an extra hop since...

1. Typically the REST API is only run a few nodes in the cluster (far fewer
than potentially the number of nodes in the cluster), and...
2. A REST client (unlike Java//Native clients) does not talk indirectly to
the cluster through a Locator, which technically makes single-hop
possible.  The URL used by a client is to a server running the REST API, so
if that node does not have the data targeted by the Function, then yes, an
extra hop is going to be required.

To get similar behavior as in the Java/Native client drivers, a language
specific (e.g. Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc) binding (adapter) would be
needed, client-side.

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