Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Spring Data Geode 2.0.0.RELEASE (Kay GA) Available...

Dear Geode Community-

After almost 1 year of radio silence on all things related to *Spring Data
Geode* for Apache Geode, it is my pleasure to inform you that *Spring Data
Geode* *2.0.0.RELEASE* (Kay GA) is now available! [1]

Many things have happened since my last announcement.

First, *Spring Data Geode* 2.0 joins the *Spring Data Release Train* [2] as
another top-level *Spring Data* module in the *Spring Data* portfolio. [3]
 This is significant for few reasons, but most importantly, you can expect
a predictable and regular series of SDG releases going forward, and
announcement from me when they occur.

Next, *Spring Data Geode* 2.0 encompasses some key updates...

* Upgrades to *Apache Geode 1.2.1*.

* Uses *Java 8* as the baseline.

* Upgrades to *Spring Framework 5.0 GA*.

* Includes a new and very well-polished *Annotation-based configuration
model* [4] for getting started with Apache Geode quickly and easily,
especially when using *Spring Boot*.  You will find this [5], this [6]
(DATAGEODE-33) and then this [7] (DATAGEODE-34) particularly interesting.

* Improves support when using Apache Geode with other transactional
resources in a JTA transaction by including *Annotation configuration for
Geode's JCA Resource Adapter*; DATAGEODE-16. [8]

* Adds support for conveniently enabling *client-side Security* when using
the @EnableSecurity annotation, DATAGEODE-24 [9].  Some of you may remember
this blog post [10] where I discussed SDG's support of Apache Geode's
new *Integrated
Security* framework, which focused on server-side Security. [11]  Now, the
same annotation covers client-side Security as well [12].

* Improves support of Apache Geode's *Continuous Query* feature using
Annotations, DATAGEODE-38 [13], complete with associated documentation
[14].  Works similarly to the core *Spring Framework's* POJO method
annotated message listeners.

One other notable is DATAGEODE-18 [15], which is *the making of a test
framework* for greatly simplifying the development of both *Unit* and
Tests* for Apache Geode applications in a *Spring* context.  Every user
here knows how daunting a task writing effective Unit/Integration tests can
be for Apache Geode; I have been doing this with GemFire/Geode (with
*Spring*) for well over 6 years.

The SDG testing framework aims to introduce new Annotations annotating your
test classes that will help in simplifying mocking GemFire components in *Unit
Tests* and as well manage servers tied to the *Spring's* TestContext
lifecycle inside your testing provider (e.g. *JUnit*) in
client/server-based integration tests.

For instance, here is 1 example [16] and an earlier preview of using the
new @EnableGemFireMockObjects annotation in *Unit Tests*.

For a complete list of changes in this release, have a look in the
*changelog* [17].

So many goodies to share, not enough time, so... expect a series of blog
posts to follow and startup covering all the new developments in *Spring*
on the Apache Geode front.

I hope you will enjoy using all the new features in this release, and, as
always, feedback is very much appreciated and welcomed.

Stay tuned for more!  Until next time...