Subject: Custom Partitioning and Restful Interface

Effectively, your key needs to be representable in a JSON format and sent
as a JSON String.  Then, Apache Geode, using a Key constraint along with an
appropriate registered (Spring) Converter, would automatically convert the
JSON String to an Object of the required (key) type.  I am a bit fuzzy on
all the technical/implementation details w.r.t. Apache Geode, but it is all
Spring (Web MVC) under-the-hood, intercepting the Web REST calls and
invoking the appropriate Region ops.  It's at least a good place to start.
You just need to figure out how to customize the underlying Spring
infrastructure, which is not that difficult, but much has changed with
Apache Geode since I last inspected Dev REST API and how it exposes, or
makes accessible, Spring configuration (if at all) that is the real
question.  It is certainly doable though, given the ability to tweak the
configuration to support custom Partitioning.

Food for thought.

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