Hi all,

Currently I am working on the Ignite backend, I am using my own fork [1].
This is what I have done so far:
* Read mapping files.
* Read configuration files (Ignite parameters).
* Initialize Ignite DataStore through JDBC connection.
* Implement some trivial methods (#close(), #flush(), #getSchemaName()...).
* Set up an embedded Ignite instance within test packages.

The code is broken because I created a DataStoreTestBase implementation for
Ignite and due the fact that most DataStore methods are not implemented yet
the tests are failing. But the mapping/configuration reading and connection
initialization are working fine.

I noticed that the mapping files (gora-XX-mapping.xml) have two fields
'boss' and 'webpage', which I assume are references to other objects (other
mapped classes). I was wondering how the backend should deal with them. Is
there some documentation regarding that?.

[1] https://github.com/carlosrmng/gora/tree/GORA-535