Thank you for the feedback!
Really strange. I attach a snapshot from my cellphone I made after reading
your email (I make the changes in my laptop).
Since you already deleted the cache, I really don't know what is happening.
I am reluctant to blame some type of proxy caching at PRC since I am not
much aware of their proceedings...
If anyone has any clue, it will be a relief.

Thank you, Bruce!


El 22 dic. 2017 1:12 a. m., "bruce" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió:

Thanks you all !
today i visit the download page again , follow you meationed in the
previous mail , i delete the IE's cache, but the download URL still
incorrect . the attached is the today's screenshot.


Best Wishes!

At 2017-12-22 02:00:54, "Alfonso Nishikawa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


I believe now should be fixed. Maybe you will have to reload the page
because of browser caching.
If I forgot to ammend something just tell.

Thank you!



2017-12-21 17:46 GMT-01:00 Alfonso Nishikawa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: