A snapshot of HBase 1.3.2 is available for testing in Apache's Maven or at
https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/hbase/hbase-1.3.2-SNAPSHOT/ . This
snapshot was generated from the git SHA b6f4f511a6 .

​The compatibility report with respect to the previous release can be found
at ​

This is a snapshot, not an official release. These artifacts are provided
for development and testing convenience. Please use with caution. Do not
deploy to production.

We should be releasing 1.3.2 within the next month or so. On behalf of the
HBase project I apologize for the length of time it has been since the
1.3.1 release, and for the number of changes ​included in the upcoming
patch release as a result.

The changes in this snapshot since the last 1.3 release or snapshot are:

   - HBASE-8758 Error in RegionCoprocessorHost class preScanner method
   - HBASE-9393 Hbase does not closing a closed socket resulting in many
   - HBASE-9899 for idempotent operation dups, return the result instead of
   throwing conflict exception (addendum for branch-1)
   - HBASE-14220 nightly check that we can build a source tarball.
   - HBASE-15497 Incorrect javadoc for atomicity guarantee of Increment and
   - HBASE-15548 SyncTable: sourceHashDir is supposed to be optional but
   won't work without (Dave Latham)
   - HBASE-15607 Deprecating SnapShotInfo (Ram)
   - HBASE-15691 ConcurrentModificationException in BucketAllocator
   - HBASE-15947 Classes used only for tests included in main code base
   - HBASE-16011 TableSnapshotScanner and TableSnapshotInputFormat can
   produce duplicate rows if split table.
   - HBASE-16090 ResultScanner is not closed in
   - HBASE-16116 Remove redundant pattern *.iml
   - HBASE-16351 Improve error reporting for license failures
   - HBASE-16459 Remove unused hbase shell --format option
   - HBASE-16615 Fix flaky TestScannerHeartbeatMessages (Duo Zhang)
   - HBASE-16939 ExportSnapshot: set owner and permission on right directory
   - HBASE-17131 Avoid livelock caused by HRegion#processRowsWithLocks
   - HBASE-17352 Fix hbase-assembly build with bash 4
   - HBASE-17441 Fix invalid quoting around hadoop-3 build in yetus
   - HBASE-17514 emit a warning if thrift1 proxy user is configured but
   hbase.regionserver.thrift.http is not
   - HBASE-17534 Avoid re-wrapping IOExceptions as IOExceptions
   - HBASE-17617 Backport HBASE-16731 (Inconsistent results from the
   Get/Scan if we use the empty FilterList) to branch-1
   - HBASE-17648 HBase Table-level synchronization fails between two
   secured(kerberized) cluster
   - HBASE-17658 Fix bookkeeping error with max regions for a table
   - HBASE-17803 PE always re-creates table when we specify the split policy
   - HBASE-17817 add table name to output (if available) when removing
   - HBASE-17862 Fix a condition that always returns true
   - HBASE-17877 Improve HBase's byte[] comparator.
   - HBASE-17887 Row-level consistency is broken for read
   - HBASE-17902 Backport HBASE-16367 "Race between master and region
   server initialization may lead to premature server abort" to 1.3
   - HBASE-17916 Error message not clear when the permission of staging dir
   is not as expected
   - HBASE-17925 mvn assembly:single fails against hadoop3-alpha2
   - HBASE-17934 Backport HBASE-17779 "disable_table_replication returns
   misleading message and does not turn off replication"
   - HBASE-17934 Backport HBASE-17779 "disable_table_replication returns
   misleading message and does not turn off replication" (Janos Gub)
   - HBASE-17937 Memstore size becomes negative in case of expensive
   postPut/Delete Coprocessor call
   - HBASE-17944 Removed unused JDK version parsing from ClassSize.
   - HBASE-17954 Switched findbugs implementation to spotbugs
   - HBASE-17968 Fix NOTICE.txt for src-release
   - HBASE-17985 Inline apt-get update calls in Yetus Dockerfile
   - HBASE-18000 Make sure we always return the scanner id with ScanResponse
   - HBASE-18014 A case of Region remain unassigned when table enabled
   (Allan Yang)
   - HBASE-18020 Update API Compliance Checker to Incorporate Improvements
   Done in Hadoop
   - HBASE-18023 Log multi-* requests for more than threshold number of rows
   - HBASE-18023 Update row threshold warning from 1k to 5k (addendum)
   - HBASE-18024 HRegion#initializeRegionInternals should not re-create
   .hregioninfo file when the region directory no longer exists
   - HBASE-18026 ProtobufUtil seems to do extra array copying
   - HBASE-18027 HBaseInterClusterReplicationEndpoint should respect RPC
   limits when batching edits
   - HBASE-18030 Per Cell TTL tags may get duplicated with
   increments/Append causing tags length overflow.
   - HBASE-18036 Data locality is not maintained after cluster restart or
   SSH (Stephen Yuan Jiang)
   - HBASE-18041 Add .pylintrc to HBase
   - HBASE-18042 Client Compatibility breaks between versions 1.2 and 1.3
   - HBASE-18066 Get with closest_row_before on hbase:meta can return empty
   Cell during region merge/split
   - HBASE-18077 Update JUnit licensing to use EPL
   - HBASE-18081 The way we process connection preamble in SimpleRpcServer
   is broken
   - HBASE-18090 Improve TableSnapshotInputFormat to allow more multiple
   mappers per region
   - HBASE-18092 Removing a peer does not properly clean up the
   ReplicationSourceManager state and metrics
   - HBASE-18093 Overloading the meaning of 'enabled' in Quota Manager to
   indicate either quota disabled or quota manager not ready is not good
   (Stephen Yuan Jiang)
   - HBASE-18096 Limit HFileUtil visibility and add missing annotations
   - HBASE-18122 Scanner id should include ServerName of region server
   - HBASE-18125 shell disregards spaces at the end of a split key in a
   split file
   - HBASE-18132 Low replication should b