Subject: Coprocessor restart after region split rollback

Hi all,

we are seeing the following behavior in our HBase (version 1.1) and are
not sure whether it is an intended behavior or possibly a bug:

We have a custom coprocessor loaded (RegionObserver implementation) and
see that whenever a region split takes place, prior to the split the
coprocessor is stopped automatically (this is expected).

However, occasionally the region split will fail and will be rolled
back. After a successful rollback, the coprocessor will _not_ be
restarted for the region, even though it _was_ running prior to the split

Can someone confirm that this is an intended behavior? We would expect
the coprocessor to be automatically re-started after successful region
split rollback, but it does not seem to be the case.

Are coprocessors supposed to handle the restart themselves after a
region split rollback, e.g. in RegionObserver#postRollbackSplit, such as
in the following example?: