I've seen other threads like this from Michael in the past. While I ignore
them when they show up, it is certainly off putting to the community
members and discourage open discussions and sharing of ideas. Some people
might not understand the problems as well as others or might have
completely different perspectives. We want to take them along and help them
ramp up and use the software, not discourage them entirely. We want to grow
as a community and improve as a software so ideas and contributions in any
way form or shape are healthy and should be welcomed.

In this case, I vote for a temporary ban. That's for 2 reasons:

1. We have already spent enough time and mental energy discussing this
topic that's not directly relevant to the project or technology. It's not a
healthy use of the community members' time. Moderation will only need more
time from folks here. I moderated a forum in the past and there were times
where I couldn't act in a timely manner and threads slipped.

2. This isn't the first time we have had something like from Michael. He
has been warned in the past.

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