Subject: Deleting a (contiguous) subset of the columns in a row

I think separate column families may not be the best for us, because we currently read group A and group B columns together in many instances (and, it would double the number of column families that we have, and we already have several), but it's definitely something we can keep in mind.

However, we can compute all possible group A columns in advance, so that's a very interesting idea. We might give it a go.



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Subject: Re: Deleting a (contiguous) subset of the columns in a row

I don't think you would have an easier way to do this without having to
redefine your table layout, so that you split these two groups into
separate column families, and apply this "classification" logic at
insertion time to determine which column family a given cell should go.

Another possibility, if you are able to calculate the possible column label
values in advance, is to add all possible column name values that should
get deleted into the "Delete" operation using "Delete.addColumns" method:[],%20byte[])

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