Subject: HBase table snapshots compatibility between 1.0 and 2.1

Snapshots should work between HBase 1 and HBase 2. There are only
three gotchas I know about for releases from the project.

1) Minimum Hfile Version bump - HBase 2 can still read HFile V2 and
HFile V3 and it can only write HFile V3. It can't read HFile V1. I
have seen clusters with old snapshots that still have HFile V1 files
2) Removal of PREFIX_TREE data block encoding.

AFAIK both of the above can be checked with the check added in HBASE-20649

hbase pre-upgrade validate-hfile

3) If exporting a snapshot into the cluster takes too long, the
cleaner in the destination will destroy the hfiles. HBASE-23202
"ExportSnapshot (import) will fail if copying files to root directory
takes longer than cleaner TTL" AFAIK this is still open. and the work
around is probably disabling the cleaner while you're doing the
snapshot export.

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