Hi All

I have a query regarding Hbase replication and OldWals

Hbase version 1.2.1

To enable Hbase indexing we use below command on table

alter '<NameOfTable>', {NAME => 'CF1', REPLICATION_SCOPE => 1}

By Doing this actually replication get enabled as hbase-indexer required
it, as per my understanding indexer use hbase WAL (Please correct me if I
am wrong).

so question is How Hbase syncronize with Solr Indexer? What is the role of
replication? what optimization we can apply in order to reduce data size?
I can see that our OldWals are getting filled , if Hmaster it self taking
care why it's reached to 7.2 TB? what if I delete it, does it impact solr

7.2 K   21.5 K  /hbase/.hbase-snapshot
0       0       /hbase/.tmp
0       0       /hbase/MasterProcWALs
18.3 G  60.2 G  /hbase/WALs
28.7 G  86.1 G  /hbase/archive
0       0       /hbase/corrupt
1.7 T   5.2 T   /hbase/data
42      126     /hbase/hbase.id
7       21      /hbase/hbase.version
7.2 T   21.6 T  /hbase/oldWALs
Manjeet Singh