Hi all,

I did some testing with HTableInterface#batch() for batching Increments and
I was wondering about the returned value Object[].

As I understand (or would expect), the returned value would be:

null - all batch of increments failed.
An object in the array is null / is Exception - that increment has failed.

So I ran some tests and executed a batch of two Increment Objects on two
different row keys, where one of them is valid and the other one has a
family that does not exist.
When calling HTableInterface#batch() I
get RetriesExhaustedWithDetailsException but looking at the counter in
HBase it looks like the valid increment was executed.

Shouldn't I get an Object[2] where one of the objects is null
/ RetriesExhaustedWithDetailsException ?

How can I know # of success/failures in the batch ? What is the "contract"
here ?