You miss the point.
Your index is going to be orthogonal to your base table.
Again, how do you handle joins?

In terms of indexing… you have to ways of building your index.
1) In a separate M/R job.
2) As each row is inserted, the coprocessor inserts the data in to the secondary indexes.

More to your point…

Yes there is a delta between when you write your row to the base table and when you write your row to your inverted index table.
The short answer is that time is relative and it doesn’t matter.  Again, you’re going to have to think about that issue for a while before it sinks in. You’re not dealing with an RTOS problem… so its not real time but subjective real time.

In terms of writing to two tables… what do you think your relational database is doing? ;-)

I suggest you think more about the problem and the more you think about the problem, you’ll understand that there are tradeoffs and when you walk through the problem you’ll come to the conclusion that you want your index table(s) to be orthogonal to the base table.

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