Subject: HBase Scan consumes high cpu

            When you did a put with a lower qualifier int  (put 'mytable',
'MY_ROW', "pcf:\x0A", "\x00") the system flow is getting a valid cell at
1st step itself and that getting passed to the Filter.  The Filter is doing
a seek which just avoids all the in between deletes and puts processing..
In 1st case the Filter wont get into action at all unless the scan flow
sees a valid cell.  The delete processing happens as 1st step before the
filter processinf step happening.

In this case I am wondering why you can not add the specific 1st qualifier
in the get part itself along with the column range filter.   I mean

get 'mytable', 'MY_ROW', {COLUMN=>['pcf: *1499000 * '],
true, Bytes.toBytes(1499010.to_java(:int)), false)}

Pardon the syntax it might not be proper for the shell..  Can this be done?
This will make the scan to make a seek to the given qualifier at 1st step


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